Gypsy Fever Collective released their long awaited album in December 2019.


The album will take you on an enchanting musical journey across former Yugoslavia, with a selection of most exquisite folk/traditional tunes from all over this region - from Serbia and Macedonia to Bosnia - and all the way to the coastal line of Dalmatia/Croatia. 


Katarina Gadjanski & Gypsy Fever Collective re-visioned and re-imagined these archaic folk tunes which are not often heard in the West (Sevdalinke, Izvorne, Ciganske pesme & Klapa) and gave them a new life by integrating the musical influences of other traditions as well as some contemporary sounds.  


Heartbroken by the fragmentation of Yugoslavia Katarina longed to once again reunite the disjointed regions of the country and heal the wounds of her homeland through the soulfulness of its traditional music.  Although born in peoples sorrow, the celebratory nature of the traditional folk music of Yugoslavia defies the difficult and marginal existence of the war-torn country, a country that now exists only in its soulful traditional music.

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Katarina Gadjanski: vocals, harmonium

Lorien Secanska: vocals

Alex Paton: trumpet, mandolin, whistles & vocals

Richard Collins: classical & rhythm guitar 

Domenico Angarano: bass

Special guests: 

Howard Dann: drums/djembe/cajon (tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 10)

& bassoon (tracks 7, 9)

Tom Hooper: drums and percussion (tracks 4, 7, 9, 10, 11)

Jamie Le Mercier: yayli tanbur (tracks 1, 6)

    Gypsy Fever Collective Album

  1. Zapjevala Sojka Ptica - Bosnia/Serbia

  2. Igrale se Delije - Serbia

  3. U Stambolu na Bosforu - Bosnia

  4. Oj ti Momče Ohrigjanče - Macedonia

  5. Rusulica - Dalmatia/Croatia

  6. Šano Dušo - Serbia

  7. Mostarski Dućani - Bosnia

  8. Oj Savice - Croatia

  9. Zajdi, Zajdi - Macedonia 

  10. Eleno Kerko - Macedonia 

  11. Opa Cupa - Romany Gypsy/ Serbia

You can find the album on: 

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